Politique de confidentialité

Every day, Les Semaines Miracle occupies itself with the safe development of all new babies around the world. Naturally, we understand how important privacy and safety are! Here, we explain what data we collect from you, as well as why and for what purpose. Twise Victory B.V., the operator of www.lessemainesmiracle.fr, has drawn up this privacy notice to provide you with insight on how we treat the personal information we ask you to provide when you register.

Despite the constant care and attention we put into making www.lessemainesmiracle.fr, the eMagazine and Leap Alarm, it is possible that the published information is incomplete and/or incorrect. Errors (in data processing) cannot always be prevented.

Statements and opinions expressed in the articles and announcements on the pages of www.lessemainesmiracle.fr are those of the author(s) and do not (necessarily) reflect those of the editors, web master, Internet provider or owner of the brand Les Semaines Miracle. We cannot guarantee that the information on www.lessemainesmiracle.fr is suitable for the purpose you are consulting the information for. All information, products and services are offered as-is and without any (implicit) guarantee or warranty regarding their appropriateness, suitability for a certain purpose, or otherwise. We exclude all liability for all direct or indirect damages of any nature stemming from or in any way related to the use of www.lessemainesmiracle.fr, or from the temporary impossibility to consult www.lessemainesmiracle.fr. Furthermore, we are not liable for direct or indirect damages as a consequence of the use of information obtained through www.lessemainesmiracle.fr and the online Les Semaines Miracle magazine. www.lessemainesmiracle.fr does not extend any guarantees nor support any product or service named in this publication, nor do they extend guarantees for any statements by the creators of such products. In this respect, the reader is recommended to obtain independent information and/or conduct research for the use of information obtained through www.lessemainesmiracle.fr. The information on www.lessemainesmiracle.fr is supplemented weekly and changes can be applied at all times, with immediate effect and without any further notice.


Personal Data Protection Act (WBP; Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens)
All data you supply to us is stored in a file. Personal data is carefully handled and secured. This file is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP; College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens – previously known as the Registratiekamer) in The Hague and is always compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Data Controller
Les Semaines Miracle, Van Pallandtstraat 63, 6814 GN, Arnhem, The Netherlands is the Data Controller. You can contact us through [email protected].

Processing of personal data
As part of its service provision, Twise Victory B.V. collects data for the execution of an agreement, such as the administration surrounding contests, the Les Semaines Miracle eMagazine and Les Semaines Miracle (partner) offers.

The purpose of registering personal data is to facilitate tailored editorial and commercial information to our visitors, both by ourselves and by third parties. We would like to emphasise that we only make use of data for which you have provided your consent!

If you would no longer like to receive newsletters, Leap Alarms and/or other campaigns, you can always unsubscribe by making use of the unsubscription link in the email message, or by notifying us in writing by sending us an email!

Below, you will find an overview of the personal data we process:

  • First and last name (= not mandatory)
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Due date
  • Town/city

Data processing purposes
The personal data entered by you is processed by Les Semaines Miracle for the following purposes:

For the newsletter, Leap Alarm & Partner Mailings

  • Email: We ask you for your email address so we can keep you up to date on news and fun promotions.
  • Due date: Tell us when your baby is due! That way, we can warn you just before a leap is coming (the Leap Alarm) so you’ll be well-prepared to help your child through this enormous development.
  • Town/city: We also ask you where you live, and then we can be more specific in sending you the right news. For example, which restaurants in your neighbourhood are so kid-proof they’ve been award with our Happy Service certificate.


For Mail & Win:

  • Address: We ask you for your address to send you the product you won at a Mail & Win campaign. The data entered for a Mail & Win is not used to register for the newsletter, Leap Alarm & Partner Mailings.

Use of cookies
For detailed information regarding our cookie policy, we refer you to this page.


Your personal data & third parties

We do not share the personal data you enter with third parties.

EXCEPTION: For a mail & win campaign, your contact details are shared with the partner who will send you the price. The winner/participant provides their consent for this before participating in the campaign (by reading and accepting the contest regulations).


Data lifetime
Les Semaines Miracle uses the following storage periods for the following categories of personal data:

For the newsletter, Leap Alarm & Partner Mailings

Email address, city & due date
Storage period is 2 years // Reason: information about the Leaps & current information regarding Les Semaines Miracle

For Mail & Win:

Contact details, email address
Storage period is one month. // Reason: Runtime of the mail & win and to verify the mail & win campaign.


Access, modification or erasure of data
You always have the right to access, modify or erase any data we have about you. Furthermore, you have the right to revoke your consent, if any, for the data processing or to object against your data being processed by Les Semaines Miracle.

Accessing, modifying and/or erasing your data is very easy. At the bottom of each mail you receive from us, you can choose the options Unsubscribe or Modify data. Also, check our Privacy Center.

But there is more… At your request, we can rectify, supplement or delete your data, in case the data are incorrect, for example. This could mean that you can no longer make use of (a part of) our services. Furthermore, you have the right to ask us to notify you on how personal data pertaining to you is being processed.

Data security
We have extensive security procedures in place for the security of data processed by us, to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to these data, amongst other things. If you think that your data are not sufficiently secured or if there are any indications of misuse, please contact us!

Click behaviour
General visitor data are collected on the website, such as the number of banners, teasers and pages that are viewed by visitors in a certain time period, as well as the total number of visitors per time period. The purpose of this is to optimise the design of www.lessemainesmiracle.fr and our service provision.

www.lessemainesmiracle.fr contains links to other sites that do not belong to www.lessemainesmiracle.fr. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of such sites.

If you have any more questions about our privacy policy, please contact Twise Victory B.V., Thewonderweeks.com, 6814 GN, Arnhem, The Netherlands or send us an email!